Gates to leave day-to-day role at Microsoft

NEW YORK ( – Microsoft announced Thursday that chairman and co-founder Bill Gates will transition out of a day to day role at the company, effective July 2008, to spend more time working on his charitable foundation.

Gates will then work part-time at Microsoft (up $0.19 to $22.07, Charts) as chairman and technical advisor and will work full time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the organization he founded with his wife, which focuses on global health and education.

First feature after feature was pulled out of Vista to the point where its now more like Windows XP V2. Then the Vista beta downloads caused more harm than good. Some people forgot they downloaded beta and are complianing all over. His other brainchild .NET is not yet mainstream in windows programming. In the new money areas of Web and Media, MS has been beaten by Google and Apple. and new WMP11 with MTV urge were suposed to change that again not complete.

Bill Gates greatest contribution to humanity, apart from all those free malaria treatments etc would be make computing accesible and convenient for everyone.