Dell Seen Rolling Out AMD-System in Sept

NEW YORK (AP) – Dell Inc. could roll out a desktop computer based on an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. chip as early as September, according to a Wall Street analyst.

The report comes less than a month after Dell Inc. said it would begin using chips made by Advanced Micro Devices Inc., spurning its longtime partner Intel Corp.

"Citigroup Investment Research has confirmed from industry sources that Dell will offer an AMD based desktop in September of this year. No details of box configuration are available. We note that AMD has recently expressed confidence that they will gain share in the second half of the year, and we point to this win as the basis for this confidence," Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung wrote in a note

Alienware purchase By Dell was billed as the way Dell would go AMD and still get all keep fabled concessions Intel gives them. However, AMD and Dell combo is too little too late. why u ask, check out these few links,1697,1976430,00.asp

Intel's Conroe looks like its going to be the leader in performance and price!! for the next few years. So till AMD has their next "ATI 9700 pro moment" Dell will probably position AMD in "lower end" systems.