I tried Opera recently looking for fast lite browser that’d let me browse when i have things like VMware and other memory intensive applications running on my computer. The choice of Opera wasn’t automatic. I didn’t want the sites looking weird nor did i want to spend time trying tweak it to be the way want it. So i went IE7 way. After negotiating WGA 🙂 i finally installed IE7 for a good measure i installed Maxthon 2.0 and AvantBrowser. While Maxthon and Avant browser are damn good IE shells (love Avants Aluminium skin in space saving mode), The setup wasn’t noticeably faster or responsive than my default browser – Firefox. Opera was the last ‘mainstream” choice before delving into some obscure browsers like K-Meleon etc.Having said all this, Opera wasn’t new to me. I was basically looking at opera hoping it’d a faster / responsive Firefox – complete with tabs and extensions . OK i’m asking a little too much 🙂 *cut to the chase*
Installed Opera 9+ the first thing i noticed was NTLM auth was working well. 🙂 the browser was almost i wanted it to be responsive and fast but NOT Firefox.. I consider Tabmix plus, Ablock and resize Searchbar, Yes 🙂 must have features.

1. Most of tabmix plus features i use are already in Opera

2.Adblock translates to block content in Opera and then theres also Urlfiter list

3. Resize Searchbar is not possible. 😦

Opera is a great browser. The space available for content, smoothness (unlike the jerky FF) either when scrolling or while changing tabs is very Opera. Its become default browser now..BUT i still end up using FF to browse.The extensions have a way get pulling you back to firefox. like videodownloader for Youtube

Opera lacks good extension framework – There is userjs and widgets but Firefox exts are in a different league. but the most annoying thing in opera as for me is that i cant resize the opera search field ::( next to the address bar. meh This posts seems to be about silly things that prevent me from using the best s/w available for the job – like the fact i still use winamp because of one and only reason the gorgeus Clear One skin.

Foobar customizations – iFoobar


My Opera setup