Airport: Murthy puts foot down, walks out
GOWDA SMEAR Murthy tells CM pains me that you were silent


Devegowda is politican – former prime minister of India [his political fortunes have nosedived since then, [his party split up…] and Narayan Murthy is the founder of infosys, billion dollar software company

Yet another example of politics killing good projects because their cronies didn’t get the contracts and such. The city is going to the dogs The roads no longer have pot holes they are craters now. The electricity is erratic. Theres no running water. The trafffic sucks. Life was much better when Krishna was the chief minister. He atleast got the ringroad done.

The issue here is “Rich” IT/BPO guys vs the “pro poor socialist” govt and by govt i mean Devegowda. He’s the guy keeping the coalation in place. He wants to whip up frenzy against “rich and arrogant” Software/BPO guys and get more votes. This is his way of saying “hey look i’m screwing the software guys making bgtime money too” so vote for me. The reality isveryone in Bangalore is fed up with the current situation. IT/BPO guys are ones talking about it.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, i live in bangalore 🙂 My commute took 35-45 mins from Malleshwaram to Whitefield a year back. Now, it takes 1.5 Hrs. By the time i reach my office, i’m half dead. If you dont think driving thro traffic, waterclogged roads, potholes, abandoned half built roads/flyovers is torture i dont know what is.

I’m sure many of us would gladly trade places with the terrorists in Guantanmo prison and make them live in Bangalore. Now that’d be a violation of geneva conventions and probably every human right you can think of.and i haven’t even started on water and electricity, but you get the picture